Who We Are

Digital Fine Art (DFA) was born out of the dichotomy dividing the worlds of traditional art and digital art. DFA's ambition is to truly bridge the gap between these two worlds. In order to achieve this, DFA interweaves the artistic creations, technologies and communities of these worlds, which are constantly intersecting but never merging.

We are organized around three fundamental pillars. Firstly, we enable curated artists to collaborate with our team of designers to reinvent their artworks in the digital medium. Secondly, we created an exclusive members' club for lovers and enthusiasts of both physical and digital art called L'Atelier. Finally, we are building our digital gallery, called the Staking Museum, offering an interactive space for its community and rewards for holders of our artworks.

We build these collections to fight for our belief that the digital age will play a critical role in the future of art. And if we can't prevent this future, we aim to pioneer the transition into it.

Digital Collections

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