What is an NFT ?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital identifier that is stored in a blockchain and used to verify ownership and authenticity. It cannot be duplicated, replaced, or divided. NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded because the ownership of each one is tracked in the blockchain and transferable by the owner.

What is L’Atelier ?

L’Atelier by DFA is a Private Member’s Club. To join, acquire a DFA Key. More information is present on the dedicated page.

Will DFA have a Discord ?

Yes, but the DFA Discord is NFT-gated and reserved to L’Atelier members, meaning that you must hold a DFA Key to enter. Channels will include information on various events, polls, previews for upcoming releases, private art curation, and more.

What is the Staking Museum?

The Staking Museum is a digital gallery that will allow holders of DFA NFTs to display their pieces. By displaying their NFTs, the owner will be able to stake our $DIFA token.

If I hold a DFA NFT am I part of L’Atelier ?

Not quite yet. To be part of L’Atelier, you need to hold a DFA key. If you were unable to mint a key, you can purchase one on the secondary market.

What inspired you to launch Digital Fine Art despite the current market conditions?

Our inspiration stemmed from recognising that digital will become one of the predominant mediums for artists worldwide, opening a new realm of possibilities and creativity. Plus, we've been passionately working on this vision for over 2 years, long before the current market conditions. We believe in the enduring value and potential of what we're building.

How do you envision conventional artists benefiting from your platform and the ownership and monetisation opportunities presented by Web3?

DFA introduces traditional artists to the expansive realm of the digital medium. With Web3, they can seamlessly transition and authenticate their work, explore untapped creative possibilities, and engage more intimately with a global audience. It's about ushering artists into a new era of artistic expression and digital innovation.

As you move forward, what challenges do you anticipate in educating artists and collectors about your platform, its benefits and possibilities?

Our primary challenge will be making the transition to the digital realm seamless for traditional artists. We are committed to guiding them through every step of the way, ensuring they fully grasp the digital medium's vast potential. Moreover, onboarding traditional art collectors is crucial. We aim to demystify the process, ensuring they not only understand but also enjoy the nuances of collecting digital art. While initial steps like setting up a digital wallet may seem complex, we're dedicated to simplifying the journey for everyone.

How do you plan to onboard traditional art enthusiasts into the DFA ecosystem and ensure they appreciate the value of digital assets, especially when they can't physically interact with the art as they would with traditional pieces?

Transitioning traditional art enthusiasts into the digital space certainly presents its unique set of challenges. We recognise the deep-seated appreciation for physical artworks, which resonate intimately when displayed in personal spaces. To address this, for our Genesis collection, every buyer will receive a physical piece crafted by the artist, which has an intrinsic connection to the accompanying Genesis NFT.

Regarding digital art appreciation, the experience shouldn't be confined to a computer screen. Various avenues can be explored - from high-quality prints that let you admire your NFTs in a traditional format to specialised screens designed for art display. In fact, we're gearing up to showcase our digital artworks using these screens during our inaugural event.

Looking ahead, we're also exploring the potential of AR/VR technologies and even considering the launch of our own dedicated screens. But these plans, while promising, are set for the longer horizon.

Will DFA be a one-time endeavour, or do you intend to continually collaborate with new artists?

Our vision for Digital Fine Art is expansive. While Ligismond is the starting point, we aim to continue unveiling new collections in collaboration with other artists. He's just the beginning of our journey.

In your vision, where is the trajectory of digital art headed in the future?

The rise of digital art can be likened to the revolutionary impact of industrialisation on the art world. Just as the invention of paint tubes facilitated painters to step outside their studios, leading to the birth of the Impressionism movement, the digital realm represents an even grander evolution. It's not just a medium; it's a burgeoning movement with its own wave of new collectors and enthusiasts.

If physical art forms are converted into digital artworks, would the holders of the digital work also receive the physical versions?

The Genesis Cigar Man pieces are crafted in 3D, each meticulously created individually. Every genesis is paired with a physical artwork.The Cigar Man collection, while also in 3D, is randomised and won't include a physical counterpart.

What plans does DFA have for the $DIFA token?

The $DIFA token will play a central role in our ecosystem. Earned through placing DFA NFTs in our Staking Museum, it can be utilized to acquire keys as we release them, among other utilities. Please note: Token specifics and functions might evolve, and its official release will be announced at a later date.