About Alvaro

The multi-hyphenate apprentice of art. A shape shifting interpreter bringing alive the contours and features of nature's organic face through confidently uneven, loose hand mark making. With the prominent use of initially, desert driven pallets he birthed an instinctive passion for the surreal growth of earth inspired habitat heavens and organisms. An Intense lighting, use of space, and a humanistic fingerprint presence in the work of Alvaro Quilez introspectively questions not only our miniature scale but our passing of time in this infinite landscape we call the natural world.

Alvaro Quilez

A painting of one of the NFTs that served as inspiration.

The Collection

The “Ancient Aquariums” collection is an amalgamation of the diverse surrealistic landscapes and organisms merged into unique combinations of nature-meets-human, which all initially birthed inspired from the enigmatic silence of the eternal desert landscape which is parent to holding the secrets of every world. A balance of colors for an ambitiously driven pallet grounds our psyche to familiar color staines we have always associated to certain environments of our own world; these dye blends bounce off with each other through either the beaming dawn light which births a new day or dusk light which ends the life of an old day. A continual prime in these pieces is the hallmark of human life which rhetorically questions our purpose in this realm’s aura of mystique.

Three digital artworks of the Ancient Aquariums collection.