He is the instinctive ogre, the one who wrestles his life from life to embody it in matter. To sublimate the grimaces of joys and pains to make the bronze alive, to offer to the most perfectionist collector the keystone of the expressionism of the future. The curves, the elks, the joints, the gestures and the dances are of an disturbing intensity. The work of Thierry Ligismond is gargantuan and yet absolutely precise.

Thierry “Ligismond” Le Loup

“L’Homme Au Cigare”, the iconic sculpture of Ligismond

The Collection

The "Cigar Man" collection is a curated set of randomized unique digital artworks. Central to each piece is the meticulously scanned “L’Homme Au Cigare” sculpture, a testament to the intricacies and details the artist pours into every work. The sculpture's attire comes to life with varying shades drawn directly from the artist's signature color palette. These hues playfully interchange, offering a fresh perspective on each iteration. Further enhancing the depth and ambiance of each artwork, the backgrounds are thoughtfully designed, drawing inspiration from the artist's distinct universe and artistic narrative. Every artwork in this collection offers a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, breathing new life into the iconic "Cigar Man" through the lens of the digital medium.

Two digital artworks of the Cigar Man collection